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Meresensi Resensi Film New Moon

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Meresensi Resensi

Resensi Film New Moon yang ditulis oleh Rebecca Muray dalam

Let's call it like it is. New Moon is critic-proof. I doubt there's anyone out there going, "Well, I saw Twilight, I want to see what happens with Edward and Bella, I want to see Jacob wolf-out, but I'll wait and see what the critics have to say about New Moon before buying a ticket." If you're a Twilight fan, you're going to go - likely multiple times - to see New Moon in a theater.
I realize I could say New Moon's the worst movie ever made and that declaration wouldn't influence anyone. I know that. (Before you attack, I'm not saying New Moon is the worst movie ever made. That was just to illustrate a point.) That said, it's still my job to write up a review. Take it as you like, and know that before I defected to True Blood, I loved the Twilight books - although New Moon was not my favorite of the series. I still think they're great entertainment for their intended target audience, and I believe Twilight fans are going to eat up New Moon. They'll be howling over the new batch of shirtless hunks, and there's a bit more romance as well as much more of Taylor Lautner who proves why he was the right guy to play Jacob Black. Lautner's charming enough that he might even sway a few Team Edward members over to Team Jacob. Lautner's got talent, something you wouldn't know from just seeing Twilight, and he's pretty much capable of handling the leading man duties thrust on him in this second Twilight installment.

And guys, director Chris Weitz and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg left out some of Stephenie Meyer's more cheesy romantic lines, opting instead to insert more action in order to widen the film's audience appeal. That's a smart move, but one that may leave diehard Twilight fans disappointed. Gone are some of the more intimate declarations of love, there's a lack of intimacy in the scenes with Edward, and the conversations between Bella and Edward leading up to a visit with the Volturi and immediately after their visit are greatly truncated - probably to make room for a new Volturi fight scene created just for the film. Also, many of the conversations Bella has with Alice, the girl talks where they catch up and look to the future, are MIA. Is that to move the story along or make it more accessible for males? I'm leaning toward the latter. However, there is much more Edward in New Moon the movie than there was in New Moon the book. Granted, it is a ghostly Edward that's kind of creepy and off-putting, but Patterson fans may get behind his increased presence.
The Story in a Nutshell
Alice, ever the party animal, throws a birthday party for the reluctant Bella (Kristen Stewart) who doesn't want to age and hates to be the center of attention. A small mishap with wrapping paper finds Bella smack dab in the middle of some thirsty vampires. Jasper in particular has a hard time dealing with a bleeding Bella. Though she's not mortally wounded, Edward (Robert Pattinson) can read the writing on the wall and breaks it off with Bella, telling her he doesn't want her anymore.
Devastated, Bella retreats inward, neglecting her friends and shutting herself off from anything that could remind her of Edward. But after being threatened by her dad, Charlie (Billy Burke), that he's going to send her back to her mom, Bella discovers that if she puts herself in danger, Edward will come to her in a vision telling her to knock it off. This prompts her to buy motorcycles for her childhood friend-turned muscled hunk Jacob (Taylor Lautner) to fix up. Getting closer to Jacob helps Bella make it through the long days, but she's still pining for her brooding vampire.
Meanwhile, Jacob and his pack of friends are getting all wolfy, there's a vampire with a score to settle on the loose, and Alice (Ashley Greene) is still sort of keeping track of Bella's movements using her special power to see the future, which leads to a major misunderstanding and a life-threatening visit with the Volturi.
The Good, The Bad, and the Bottom Line
Let's start with the bad: Alice is drastically short-changed in this adaptation. Blink and you'll miss the Cullens, which isn't Weitz' or Rosenberg's fault. Meyer's pretty much left them out of New Moon so they have next to nothing to do after setting events into motion. We don't get to know the wolfpack at all. They're interchangeable with no single character standing out. And though I call Meyer's lovey-dovey talk cheesy, I still missed the romantic scenes as she wrote them in the book.

The good? The acting's better in New Moon than it was in Twilight. It's easy to tell the leads and the returning supporting players have grown more comfortable in their characters' skin. Michael Sheen, of course, steals any scene he's in, Anna Kendrick is the best of the young group as the snotty, fake friend of Bella's, and Taylor Lautner handles the lead far better than you'd expect. Robert Pattinson doesn't have much to do other than look brooding - and he does that well - so it's up to Lautner to carry the romantic male lead. And Pattinson fans may take offense to this, but I believe the onscreen chemistry is better between Kristen Stewart and Lautner than it is between Stewart and Pattinson. There's a light in her eyes in her one-on-one scenes with Lautner that wasn't there in Twilight. Then again, it could be what director Weitz got out of Stewart this time that Catherine Hardwicke didn't manage to do in Twilight. Stewart doesn't play with her hair in New Moon, which annoyed me to no end in Twilight, and overall her performance is an improvement from the first film. It's still a downer, but Bella's going through a lot in this one so Stewart's near-constant frown is at least justified this time.

Also better this time around are the make-up jobs done on the Cullen family. The vampires don't look as pasty and peculiar in New Moon as they did in Twilight, although I wish someone had chosen a different wig for poor Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. It's just too ridiculous. And the fight scenes are shot better and feel more threatening and real in New Moon as compared to the big fight scene between Edward and James in Twilight.
New Moon's not going to win any awards other than those voted on by fans, but that's not the point of the movie anyway. Will it satisfy the legion of Twilight fans who love these vegetarian vampires, the Indians who turn into wolves to protect their people, and the shy high school student who's a supernatural creature magnet? Yes, for the most part. But, and I found this quite telling, I watched New Moon twice before writing this review - once with just members of the media for the press junket and once with Twilight fans at a preview screening. The Twilight fans reacted much the way the press did, laughing at dramatic scenes that were unintentionally funny and at the first appearances of the CGI wolves. Hardly any of the Twilight fans clapped at the end and I overheard more than one person expressing their dislike for the way the story wrapped up.

That said, if you liked Twilight, you'll probably be happy with New Moon. On the other hand, if you weren't into Twilight, New Moon's not going to sell you on the franchise. Readers of the books and followers of the first Twilight movie know exactly what they're in store for with New Moon, and Weitz and writer Rosenberg do a fairly good job of satisfying those expectations. It retains the spirit of Meyer's second book and provides eye candy galore. It's just too bad the story itself isn't all that interesting.

komentar :
Review film New Moon yang ditulis oleh Rebecca Murray dalam ini boleh dibilang cukup sadis. Selain grade yang diberikan oleh Muray pada film ini yaitu C+ boleh dibilang Muray cukup tegas dalam blak-blakan mengkritik kekurangan di sana sini dalam film New Moon tersebut. Misalnya saja hal-hal mendasar seperti alur cerita yang menurutnya kurang romantis dan tidak seperti yang tertulis dalam novel. Atau perubahan karena kurangnya penampilan keluarga Cullen dalam film tersebut. Namun dalam resensinya Murray juga menambahkan nilai plus dari film New Moon tersebut seperti misalnya make up keluarga Cullen yang ditampilkan dalam New Moon lebih baik daripada dalam film sebelumnya yaitu Twilight. Lalu Murray juga membahas tentang akting dalam New Moon yang juga dinilainya lebih baik setidaknya daripada Twilight dan para pemain utama lebih banyak memberi kemajuan dalam akting dalam New Moon. Dalam review-nya tersebut Murray juga menuliskan garis besar cerita New Moon secara keseluruhan dan memperbandingkan pengaruh cerita New Moon yang menghilangkan alur cerita romantic cheesy-nya padahal karena alur cerita yang seperti itulah Twilight dulunya sukses. Murray sendiri juga menggambarkan betapa kecewanya para penggemar Twilight begitu mereka melihat New Moon. Secara keseluruhan review yang dibuat oleh Murray ini cukup menarik dan jelas bagi para pembacanya. Karena selain ia mencantumkan garis besar film secara keseluruhan, ia juga tidak hanya mengkritik tapi juga memuji sekalipun nilai yang diberikannya tidaklah terlalu baik.

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